Welcome! My name is Angelina Saraficio, I'm originally from the village of Jewak, Covered Wells. I was at both the Intermediate and Primary Indian Oasis Elementary campuses this school year. I begin at the Primary Campus for Kindergarten through third grade. The latter part of the morning I teach at the Intermediate Campus (Grades 4-6). In the afternoon I have classes for First and Second Graders at the Primary Campus. For the last part of the day, I return to the Intermediate Campus for the Sixth Graders. Students attend Culture classes once a week.

It has been a very challenging year, but the school year is coming to an end. My hope is that they continue to learn about their himdag throughout the rest of their lives.

Working with these groups of children was a learning process. It was a two-way street. I learned from them and they hopefully learned from me. Thank you for supporting your child and teaching them about their way of life and their roots.

I look forward to working with your children for the upcoming school year. The Intermediate Campus will have their very own Culture teacher.






Kindergarten Sight Words: 

ban   coyote

ki:     house

li:wa  sweater, jacket

bid   mud 

First and Second Grade Spelling List 1:

ban   coyote

'ali:     child

li:wa   sweater, jacket

bid     mud

Third Grade Spelling Word List 1:

ki:      house, live in ...'am ki: Jewak t'am

nam   meet, join

kop    pop, explode

kam   to place an object in mouth

Fourth Grade Spelling Word List 1:

pa:n    bread

'a:pi     you

da:d    godmother

'abc    to blame

'a:ac   head lice

Fifth Grade Spelling Word List 1:

miyo:n   thousand

San Lusi     San Lucy

Ge Wo'o     Big Pond, Kerwo

Ge Aji         Narrow Strip, Gu Achi

Hik breve i wa Spanish n  Roughly Sheared, Hikiwan (012d + alt x is the code for the i and 00f1 + alt x is the code for Spanish enye)

Sixth Grade Spelling Word List 1:

kahio         leg

lu:lsi          candy

s-uam       yellow

ce:gig       name

'a:cim       us, we









Try these words with your child.